Democracy & Human Rights


Who We Are

Through research, public advocacy, and policy reform, we strive to protect human rights and promote open, democratic societies in the Middle East and North Africa. The Democracy & Human Rights Foundation aims to:

  • Protect peace and stability with high-level advocacy and public outreach
  • Transform systems and advocate for policies to combat extremism
  • Provide innovative and practical solutions to problems facing emerging democracies
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Our Partnership for Change

We unite leaders and researchers to create solutions that can fight the injustices against human rights and liberty.

The Democracy and Human Rights Foundation manages cooperation between researchers, activists on the ground, and legal experts all over the world. We also appear on television, frequently work alongside elected lawmakers, and publish original research that counters abuses of power in countries threatened by autocracy.

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Give Support

Your active support can help us advocate for human rights and democratic processes globally.

Your contributions can help us provide innovative solutions to human rights violations and ensure democratic solutions to global issues.